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Bestiari, installation by Carlos Casas, Pavillon of Catalonia, Venice Art Biennale, 2024

Sound design and spatial mix for Bestiari by Carlos Casas, presented at the Venice Art Biennale 2024, Pavillon of Catalonia.

Technology and speakers: IKO by Sonible, WFS (Wave Field Synthesis), HOA High Order Ambisonic dome by Meyer, Parametric (Hypersound & Focusonics), Futura by Futura Sound Lab, Infrasonic subwoofer.

"Inspired by a medieval text in which speaking animals demand interspecies justice, Bestiari is a hypnagogic environment inhabited by sounds and images of creatures from natural and imagined Catalan landscapes."

Organization and Production: Institut Ramon Llull
Artist: Carlos Casas
Curator: Filipa Ramos
Curator of Public Programs: Pol Capdevila
Images: Carlos Casas
Sound Recordings: Chris Watson
Composition: Chris Watson & Carlos Casas
Voice: Marina Herlop
Audio engineering and spatialization: Tony Myatt
Sound mix: Armand Lesecq
Additional sound recording: Marc Parazon

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