We Fall and then we Dream, Entering a Cloud and Navigate
Master Thesis, ArtScience Interfaculty - Royal Academy of Art & Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, NL

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I - Shadow of a dream
Each night, I fall and enter another space, an opaque cloud. In the mist of my sleep, involuntary processes happen: I dream. Each day, I open my eyes and can see its remains. The cloud has a shadow layering my waking reality: it leaves traces and they produce effects.

II - Exploring the dream
Each night and day I try to access and interact with my inner cloud space. I would like to map it in order to shape it. Through practices of lucid dreaming, imagination acts and attention shift, I can enter, experience and navigate into a multi-layered field.

That cloud is made of uncertainties. A layer of unknown, impossible to entirely grasp or to put into the world of words. Against the servitude of certitudes, it is made of doubts. It invites me to a form of scepticism: to de-trust, de-judge, de- construct in order to re-think with a new critical mind. That cloud is an invitation to go beyond existing ideas, images, words and labels.

III - Ode to the dream
That cloud filters and colours my outer reality. It is a layer which is intrinsically connected to my power of decision, of imagination, of understanding and acting on my environment. It is connected to my political being: my emancipation, my critical mind, my abilities to think and make.

Graphic design: Félix Vanderdonckt