Stipple Stipple

Montage son pour la vidéo "Stipple Stipple" de Florent Texier, 2016.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) describes the auditive experience which purpose is to provoke relaxing sensations through whispering, soft friction and other caressing sounds. More than just a sound experience, ASMR has been democratized with internet videos in which protagonists perform elaborate scenes in specific contexts and themes related to confort. « Stipple Stipple » plays with this phenomenon in a highly graphical way, using existing audio and visual materials, and progressively leading them to an anxious atmosphere in contradiction with their original quietude.

Sélectionné au LUFF (Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival), 2016. Ainsi qu'au MUFF (Marseille Underground Film & Music Festival), 2016.